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An appropriate nutrition plan is essential for providing our bodies with the nutrients required to help them function properly.

Healthy breakfast

Breakfast is like a king, lunch like a prince, dine like a pauper.” Know this saying? Yes. Live by it? Probably not. When you eat the right foods at breakfast, it sets you up for the day by kick-starting your metabolism, providing a steady stream of energy to keep you going in the morning throughout the day

Calories control

When it comes to dieting, most people approach the process by controlling portions and counting calories. But oftentimes, despite even the best efforts, the scale refuses to budge.Tracking your food and calorie intake from time to time is important. Research shows that people who do this lose more weight. Not only that, but they also have an easier time keeping the weight off in the long run.

Heart Health

We all know  That cardiovascular exercise is very important to keep our heart healthy, but do we know what nutrition to give to our heart to keep it healthy.  Whether you’re in your 20s, 40s or 60s, it’s time to take care of your cardiovascular health. Herbalife’s Heart Health products, exclusively endorsed by Nobel Laureate in Medicine Dr. Lou Ignarro, put the power of heart health in your hands.

Energy drink

Feeling tired fatigue energy less and want to go for a chai break? But 1 cup Chai is equal to 180-200 calories. Instead, swap it for our afresh energy drink mix. Just for 4 calories. made with orange Pekoe extracts and Guarana seeds extracts. Guarana has been used for certain as natural sources of energy enjoy with hot and cold any time as a refreshing beverage.

Kids Nutritious snacks

For growing children, balanced nutrition is very important. Many of the kids don’t like to have every type of food, so its difficult to provide them with all essential minerals and nutrition via food. our nutrition snacks provide all the required things for your kid’s optimum growth. Children need more nutrients than adults for their growth and development. To get your child to a smart start include Herbal life Dinoshake as part of a balanced meal.

Special products for joints

Regular movement and aging deteriorate bone cartilage causing joint pain. We have our Special products for joints, Supporting healthy joint functions and comfort, which contains the Scutellaria baicalensis, glucosamine hydrochloride root extract that helps to move smoothly and easily.

Meal replacement

Either You are too busy to have a proper meal or you want to control your calories and protein, our meal replacement shakes are here to help you. Nourish your body with formula no 1. Meal replacement shakes in no time! Not only are these shakes easy to make, but they are also delicious, complete meal in a glass. Some drinks are healthier too.

Digestive drink

You can use the digestive drink in day to day life, which is more beneficial for health. It can be used as a refreshing drink when mixed with water, help to detox your body, improve digestion, and boost your immunity also

Products for metabolism

Metabolism refers to all the chemical processes that take place in the body in order to sustain life – processes that allow you to breathe, pump blood, keep your brain functioning and extract energy from your food. Stimulate your metabolism with a natural source of caffeine for an uplifting treat.

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